Illegal Alien Charged for Tripple Homocide in Lehigh Acres

A 19 year old man is charged with murdering members of his own family in a scene that even seasoned homicide detectives call “extremely violent” and “unimaginable.”

Deputies responded to a medical assistance call at 3507 21st Street SW in Lehigh Acres shortly before Noon on Tuesday. When deputies entered the home they discovered a bloody crime scene with three people dead. The decedents were identified as Dorla Pitts (DOB 1-18-78), Starlett Pitts (DOB 10-6-97) and Michael Kelly, Jr. (6-17-96). All three were killed by what detectives say was repeated, sharp force trauma to the head and neck. An 18 month old toddler was found alive inside the residence.

As detectives processed the scene, they learned that Fort Myers police had conducted a traffic stop on a man driving a white Range Rover on the wrong side of the road. The driver, Brian Omar Hyde, was arrested for driving without a license. The vehicle was registered to the address of the crime scene in Lehigh Acres as were two other sets of keys in Hyde’s possession. “That’s when the first connection was made,” according to Lieutenant Matt Sands, a lead detective on the case. Hyde also had visible blood on his pants and shoes.

As Hyde sat in jail on the traffic arrest, Major Crimes detectives feverishly worked the crime scene and discovered evidence linking Hyde to the crime. A bloody palm print recovered from the primary crime scene was matched the left palm print taken from Hyde. Also, Dorla Pitts’ husband told detectives he was on the phone with her Tuesday morning when he heard her scream out “Brian! What happened here? What happened?” The phone then disconnected. Detectives call that an extremely important detail, indicating the wife came home to the bloody scene and realized what was happening before she was murdered.

Two of the victims are related to Hyde. Dorla Pitts is his aunt and Starlett Pitts is a cousin. All were living at the same residence. The Medical Examiner also determined that Starlett Pitts was six months pregnant when she was killed.

Brain Omar Hyde (DOB 2-26-96) is charged with three counts of Second Degree Murder and one count of Killing an Unborn Child by Injury to the Mother.

Hyde is also an illegal alien from the Central American country of Belize. Immigration records show he slipped into the U.S. illegally through Texas about seven months ago.

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