Charges Below:

JAZLYN CUSUMANO from Lee County, Florida was arrested on 04/28/20.

Booking Date: 04/28/20    City: Lee County    Age/YOB: 17

Charge Title Type Bond

On Sunday April 19, 2020, Jazlyn Cusumano messaged a cell phone repair/sales person on Facebook Messenger and inquired about purchasing an iPhone XR and an iPhone XS Max for a total of $1100. They met up at a location off 3rd St W in Lehigh Acres to complete the sale of the phones. The victim was accompanied by his girlfriend and his brother. After meeting the victim and his girlfriend. Jazlyn Cusumano told them to come meet her mom since she would be the one buying the phones. The female walked to the front door of the residence, knocked on the door and quickly turned and walked away. No one exited the residence and as the victim turned around, Rekem Warren was wearing a black bandana covering his face with a green/black hooded sweatshirt pulled down low on his head was walking up behind them. Rekem Warren produced a handgun, ordering them to the ground and robbed them of their cell phones and personal property. Jazlyn Cusumano retrieved a silver handgun from her vehicle and stood watch over the victims.

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