Humorous Attempt to Get a Free TV! #busted

On November 26, 2014 officers with the Fort Myers Police Department responded to a past-occurred report of a residential burglary at 2275 Central Avenue, unit 20. The victim, Joshline Cob (d.o.b. 08/28/1995 of Fort Myers), advised police his 70” television was stolen from his apartment.

During the initial investigation officers discovered Cob was renting to own the television from Aaron’s on Cleveland Boulevard. Cob went on to show officers pry marks on his front door as well as an unsecured sliding glass door which was made to be a possible point of entry for the burglar. Officers completed the burglary investigation by processing the scene for evidence and canvassing the area for potential witnesses. The case was then assigned to a property crimes detective for further investigation.

During the subsequent investigation detectives learned Cob had a neighbor hold the television in their apartment while the fraudulent burglary was called in. “This crime is something we’ve seen often. People will rent an item, make a few payments and report it stolen in an attempt to avoid remaining payments,” said property crimes Detective Jimmy Hernandez.

Cob was arrested on December 8, 2014 for false reports to law enforcement. “Knowingly giving false information to law enforcement concerning the alleged commission of a crime is a complete waste of precious time and valuable resources,” said police spokesperson Lieutenant Victor Medico. “We will investigate such instances with a zero tolerance.”


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